Nova 1001

Thermoplastic Cut-Through Tester


  • Meets IEC, NEMA, and JIS Crossing Method Specifications
  • Test Single Specimen
  • RS-232 (output only)
  • Interchangeable Test Weights
  • Temperature Ramp:
    2°C/Min. & 5°C/Min.
  • Variable Specimen Test Voltages:
    12 -120 VAC
  • Test Magnet Wire Sizes:
    0.05mm – 2 mm
    (44 AWG – 12 AWG)
  • 240VAC/10Amps @ 50/60Hz

The Nova 1001 Thermoplastic Cut-Through Tester meets IEC, NEMA and JIS (crossing Methods) specifications.
The Nova 1001 is specifically designed to perform the IEC cut-through test and can also be used to perform the NEMA and JIS (crossing method) test. The tester determines the magnet wire insulation capacity to resist thermoplastic flow (softening) under the influence of temperature, load (pressure), and time. The Nova 1001 is designed with the heating unit mounted on top of the controller.
The microprocessor-based controller controls the temperature of the oven and monitors for specimen failures. The controller is equipped with a single board computer, 16 lines x 20 character LCD backlighted display, keypad input, digital temperature monitor, function switches, and RS-232 output port. The specimen test voltages can be set at 12 volts AC to 120 volts AC. In the JIS and NEMA test mode, the test temperature rate of rise can be set at 2°C or 5°C per minute. The start ramp temperature and stop test temperature are programmable from the keypad.
The specimen heating unit is constructed of brass and the chassis is of high grade aluminum. The tester tests a single specimen set with precise heating. It also has interchangeable test weights, and interchangeable test load post. A cooling fan is located next to the heating block to cool it at the end of the test. The Nova 1001 will test round magnet wire sizes 0.05mm to 2 mm. An optional heating block is available to test round wires up to 3.5 mm and rectangular wires.
Optional heating block for larger round wires and rectangular wires are available


21" L x 14" W x 18" H
53cm L x 36cm W x 46cm H