Nova 1200

Tangent Delta Tester


  • Desktop PC or Notebook/Laptop PC operated
  • Meets IEC EN 60851-5 specification
  • TgD-Temperature test range Nova 1200 - 30°C to 350°C / Nova 1200-ET - 30°C to 400°C
  • High accuracy temperature and Loss Factor
  • Test Functions: Linear, Danfoss, DF, 5°C/m Heat Rate
  • Sample Holders for Round, Flat, or Ribbon wire
  • Reference curve
  • Multiple curves comparison
  • Pass/Fail (multi Tangent)
  • Manual tangent drawing tools
  • Show Guide (°C vs. D-value)
  • Residue Solvent Guide
  • Test Library for test parameters
  • XML data file format
  • Test report
  • Test Magnet Wire Sizes:
    Round wires 0.05 mm to 6 mm dia.
    Ribbon and Flat wires up to 8x20 mm
  • 120 VAC / 3 amps at 60 Hz
    240 VAC / 1.5 amps at 50 Hz

The Nova 1200 Tangent Delta (TgD) Tester is a New Generation of TgD Tester of high quality at an affordable price. It uses Graphite (conductor) over magnet wire insulation and measures TgD value of film insulated magnet wire.The innovative design (direct heating of the test specimen and accurate temperature measurement) produce accurate TgD-Temperature curve. The test data from the curve indicate the degree of cure, residual solvent, and moisture absorption of the magnet wire insulation. These information are the essential properties of the TgD test that can help optimize magnet wire quality, production out-put and product documentation. The Nova 1200 software is full of useful features and designed to work with the Microsoft Windows Operating System. Microsoft Windows Language Translation is available to translate the text in the displayed screen programs.

1. Nova 1200 has been designed with the following criteria:

A. User Friendly

B. Quality / Reliability / Repeatability

C. Low operating and maintenance cost

D. Excellent Return On Investment

E. Accurate and repeatable test data

2. Fast measuring time:

1.5 to 3 minutes for wire sizes 0.05 to 2 mm and enamel type

3. Easy to Operate

Three simple operations and the test are under way.

A. Place the sample holder in the Sliding Arm

and slide it into the test compartment.

B. Close the heater block onto the wire sample.

C. Start the test.

From here on, the Nova 1200 has a fully automatic

test sequence, curve presentation, and data storage.

4. Data Storage

The test data are saved in an XML file format and can be transferred

to memory storage device or exported directly through the LAN.

5. Application location

Test laboratory and production line.


18" L x 24" W x 20" H
46cm L x 61cm W x 51cm H