Nova 1570

Dielectric Twist Fabricator


  • Meets NEMA, IEC, and JIS Specifications
  • Ball Bearing Shaft Support
  • 100 Twists Per Minute
  • 3/8” Chuck for Helical Coil Winding
  • IEC Peel Test Fixture
  • Test Magnet Wire Sizes:
    12 AWG to 44 AWG
    (2 mm to 0.0.5 mm)
  • 120VAC/1Amp @ 60Hz
    240VAC/0.5Amps @ 50Hz

The Nova 1570 Twist Fabricator makes twisted specimen pairs according to NEMA-1000, IEC, and JIS specifications.
The Dielectric Twist Fabricator consistently provides the exact number of twists, tensions on the twists, and shape of the twisted pair samples for dielectric strength, voltage endurance, and thermal aging testing. The tester has a twist paddle that accommodates wire sizes from 44 AWG to 12 AWG (0.05 mm – 2 mm). The motor rotates the twist paddle at a speed of up to 100 revolutions (twists) per minute. A pre-settable counter shows the number of twists selected and
automatically stops the motor when the correct numbers of twists have been performed. The chuck mounted on the left side of the unit can be use for winding helical coil for heat shock test to a predetermined number of turns. The tester also performs the IEC peel test.


52" L x 16" W x 13" H
132cm L x 41cm W x 33cm H


Foot Switch
Slit, Twist & Peel Test Fixture