Nova 215

LSE Tester


  • Meets ASTM Specifications
  • High accuracy load cell
  • High accuracy strain measurement
  • Tension weights for test data repeatability
  • LCD Display
  • Keypad input
  • RS-232 Output
  • Precision Ball Screw
  • Test Magnet Wire Sizes:
    30 AWG to 10 AWG
    (0.25 mm to 2.5mm)
  • 120VAC/3.0amps @ 50/60Hz
    240VAC/1.5amps @ 50/60Hz

The NOVA 215 Low Stress Elongation (LSE) Tester performs the low stress elongation test according to ASTM D-1676 for magnet wire and B-279 for un-insulated wire. The tester can be calibrated traceable to N.I.S.T. For copper conductor, the tester applies an initial load of 7,500 psi (51,713 KPa) and a final load of 15,000 psi (103,425 KPa) to a 10-inch (25.4cm) specimen of round wire. The final load is maintained for 30 seconds and the load is then returned back to the initial load. The low stress elongation (LSE) value is then automatically calculated and displayed after the loading was removed and the test completed. Aluminum wire can also be tested.
LSE value, with reference to the wire diameter, helps to identify the state of the softness (formability) of the wire. A larger LSE value indicates that the wire has greater formability and is better able to absorb bends and twists during motor and coil winding operation. Low LSE value (with reference to the same wire diameter) indicates harder wire with more springiness.
High precision digital electronic scale and load cell are used to measure the elongation and tension. The load cell has a built-in safety overload feature. The custom designed wire holding jaws are user friendly and require minimal effort in clamping the test specimen.


22" L x 18" W x 26" H
56cm L x 46cm W x 66cm H