Nova 300

Pneumatic Snap Elongation Tester


  • Sturdy Construction
  • Reliable Operation
  • Safety Polycarbonate Shield
  • 5% to 50% Elongation
  • Speed Measurement / Display (under load)
  • 60 PSI to 90 PSI Supply Air Pressure
  • Test Magnet Wire Sizes:
    30 AWG to 12 AWG
    (0.25mm to 2 mm)

The Nova 300 Pneumatic Snap Elongation Tester performs the “Sudden jerk” elongation test to NEMA or IEC and JIS specifications. The tester uses compressed air to push the piston and “snap elongate” the 10-inch (25.4cm) long wire specimen to the desired percent elongation at 12-15 feet/second (3.66 m/sec to 4.57 m/sec).
The test determines the adhesion characteristics of the magnet wire insulation to the conductor. The percent elongation is easily adjustable from 5% to 50% at 1% increments. The moving jaw is set to the desired ‘snap elongation’ speed through the valve assembly. The valve assembly ensures a consistent and repeatable test. A series of pneumatic valves and a polycarbonate safety shield protects the operator.


30" L x 12" W x 9" H
76cm L x 30cm W x 23cm H