Nova 310

Pneumatic Snap Elongation Tester


  • Sturdy Construction
  • Reliable Operation
  • Safety Polycarbonate Shield
  • 5% to 50% Elongation
  • Speed Measurement / Display (under load)
  • 60 PSI to 90 PSI Supply Air Pressure
  • Test Magnet Wire Sizes:
    30 AWG to 12 AWG
    (0.25mm to 2 mm)

The Nova 310 Pneumatic Snap Elongation Tester with Speed Display Module is the Nova 300 with the addition of the Nova 305 Speed Display Module. The speed display module will indicate the speed of the snap elongation (sudden jerk) in ft/sec or m/sec. The speed is measured with the wire specimen under test. The speed display module allows the operator to more precisely fine-tune the test speed with respect to the wire size by adjusting the air pressure supply.


30" L x 12" W x 9" H
76cm L x 30cm W x 23cm H