Nova 913

Dynamic & Incline Plane Static CoF


  • Dynamic CoF:
  • High Precision Load Cell
  • Precision Linear Bearings
  • LCD display for test data
  • RS-232 Output
  • Wire Straightening/Handling Systems
  • Incline Plane CoF:
  • Motorized Incline Plane Test Bed
  • Wire Tensioning Mechanism on the incline platform and sliding block
  • Tangent ө scale from 0º to 30º
  • Test Magnet Wire Sizes:
    0.05 mm to 2.0 mm

The Nova 913 Dynamic and Incline Plane Static Coefficient of Friction Tester perform the dynamic coefficient of friction (CoF) test according to the NEMA and IEC specification and the static CoF according to the IEC Incline Plane Method. This modular tester has both the dynamic CoF test system and the static CoF test system built into one chassis.
For the Dynamic CoF, test data such as Average CoF, Minimum CoF, Maximum CoF, and Standard Deviation are displayed on the LCD screen for the Dynamic Friction test function. The dynamic CoF test system has magnet wire tensioning and straightening feature that ensures stable test data. Test wire sizes 0.05 mm to 2 mm.
For the Static CoF, the motorized incline plane platform automatically increases in the incline angle until the sliding block starts to move. When the sliding block moved, it activates the optical sensor and stops the platform. The slip angle in tangent ө is shown on the slip angle scale from 0º to 30º. The tangent ө (static coefficient of friction value) is shown on the scale. The wire samples on the incline platform and the sliding block (for wire sizes 0.15 mm to 2 mm) are straightened to maximize accuracy and repeatability of the test’s data.
The coefficient of friction value is an indication of the magnet wire insulation lubricity. The lubricity of the insulation affects the spooling and windability of magnet wire into coils and its subsequent assembly into the finished products.


44" L x 20" W x 24" H
112cm L x 50cm W x 61cm H